IVY Alliance Tourism Consulting (Ivy Alliance)

IVY Alliance was founded in 2001. With its remarkable achievements, Ivy alliance has become China's leading tourism research and consulting firm.

Ivy Alliance has been releasing annual reports, quarterly reports and monthly reports on tourism market and related topics as well as generating a variety of customized market research reports for our customers. Besides undertaking multiple tourism planning projects, Ivy Alliance participated in the drafting of Chinese government’s laws and regulations on tourism, provided policy advisory, worked out effective marketing and channel development solutions for destination tourism organizations, tourism suppliers and enterprises from home and abroad. With abundant resources and extensive network, Ivy Alliance has built good reputation and excellent brand image in China and international tourism industry.

tourism generis is the representative of IVY Alliance for Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia and Romania. Both companies work together for the development of the Quality Service Certification Program in the above countries along with a set of promotional activities aiming to attract the Chinese outbound tourism.