visitor mgt

Before, during and after the visit, we have to "think" about the visitor, in terms of delivering the best service and overall experience.

We emphasize the importance of the attraction,
We invest money and time for maintenance/renovation,
We do a lot of promotional efforts...

...but it is not enough!

Visitor management prepares the visitor before the arrival and follows up his experience after the visit. But, where visitor management helps most, it is to deliver the best experience, while protecting the site and the people on it.

Basic application of visitor management principles and practices:

  • will never allow 12.000 visitors at the same time to squeeze themselves onto Acropolis and 240 coaches to block the traffic around,
  • will make sure that every visitor to Delphi gets the basic knowledge about the history of Oracle, along with a "personal oracle tip" when in the shop.

Visitor management can be applied to any archaeological and historical site, as well as museums, venues, events of any size.

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