China Outbound Tourism Quality Service Certification (QSC)

Beijing Winter Olympics, February 2022: A great opportunity for Greek tourism

In September 2021, the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony for the Beijing Winter Olympics took place in Ancient Olympia. The event has been covered extensively by all Chinese media. Greece has a great opportunity to be promoted in China and to lay the groundwork to claim a significant share of the outbound tourism market from China. To do this, we must, as a country, take action at 2 levels: a. systematic and targeted promotion in China and b. preparation for the service of Chinese tourists when they arrive in Greece.

The preparation includes the understanding of the outbound tourism market from China, as well as the adaptation of our product to the needs and characteristics of Chinese tourists. This customization can be certified and communicated through the QSC program.


What is QSC?

The China Outbound Tourism Quality Service Certification (QSC) is a Program - Quality Label initiated in 2013 by the China National Tourism Administration. The QSC Program Criteria have been amended in 2015 and according to the requirement of transferring government functions, the QSC Program is entrusted to Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting, Beijing-China,  to continue implementation. 

The QSC Program is now directed and supported by World Tourism Cities Federation, China Association of Travel Services, UN World Tourism Organization, Pacific Asia Travel Association, World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry, Skal International and a number of authority organizations in China and abroad.


The QSC is aiming at:

a. recommending quality and Chinese friendly tourism suppliers, to Chinese travelers and Chinese TOs and TAs,

b. helping the Chinese travelers to choose a quality and Chinese friendly tourism supplier (hotel, travel agent, shopping center, attraction etc) abroad,

c. supporting Chinese Tour Operators and travel agencies in their effort to cooperate with quality and Chinese friendly tourism suppliers abroad.


Who can get the QSC Quality Label?

Businesses and organisations of all sizes, operating across the tourism supply chain. More specifically:

  • Hotels and hotel chains
  • Travel agents and tour operators
  • Attractions, museums and theme parks
  • Events organizers
  • Shopping centers and retail shops


What is the cost?

The cost is 200 Euros (+ vat, if applicable) per year and includes:

  • Application documents review
  • Acquiring the QSC Label
  • Name-only listed on the QSC official website (

(For better promotion, it is suggested to purchase either the basic or premium pack).


Certification process

1. Completion of the relevant documents (application, evaluation, quality commitment)

2. Documents review and decision by the QSC Committee

3. Payment

4. Award of the QSC Label.


To initiate the QSC certification process, please click here.