"China quick-li" seminar

Aim: to support your company to attract and better serve Chinese tourists, through:

  • the understanding of the characteristics of Chinese tourists,
  • the Chinese market segmentation,
  • the adaptation of your services/products,
  • the communication and marketing strategy in China.

Who should attend

The seminar is addressed to entrepreneurs and executives across the tourist supply chain:

  • hotels
  • TOs & TAs
  • transport companies (airlines, car rental, coaches, cruises, yachting)
  • infrastructure companies (airports, ports, marinas)
  • conference & event organisers
  • restaurants
  • shopping malls and luxury shops
  • casinos
  • museums-sites
  • national/regional tourism organisations.

Seminar outline

Module 1.  Introduction

  • General overview of China
  • The development of Chinese outbound tourism
  • Different traveller groups with different purposes of travel
  • The spatial distribution of travellers from China
  • Chinese Outbound statistics

Module 2.  Market Characteristics

  • Language basics
  • Names, titles and greetings
  • VIP, Special, Global citizen
  • Food Culture

Module 3. Dealing with Chinese

  • The attitude of Chinese travellers towards outbound tourism
  • The travel purposes of Chinese outbound tourists
  • The “Cultural Backpack”
  • Shopping and Sightseeing
  • Travel? Why, When, Where, How?

Module 4. How to market Chinese tourists (Marketing strategy)

  • Background and current situation
  • Connectivity - VISA
  • Market strategy
  • Product “adaptation” – Sales Promotion



Mr. George Drakopoulos

Founder & CEO Tourism Generis, Expert Consultant World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)


Duration: three (3) hours.

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