Covid-19: social distancing, business class and regional development

(Published in 01.06.2020, in greek)

In the age of Covid-19, the prevailing expression is "social distancing", when in fact it is "physical distancing". What kind social distancing is all about, when social solidarity is at its best? The challenge is, 1-2 meters distance between people or fewer people in the same space, something that now is being introduced by the health protocols for tourism businesses: distances between tables, sunbeds, queues, empty seats on coaches and generally more space per person. Indirectly but very clearly, we enjoy business class upgrade, which is very good for customers (but with economy prices, which is very bad for businesses!).

In other words, it will take sometime for tourism demand to reach the pre-Covid-19 levels. 

So, is it an opportunity to get serious about upgrading our product and offer more business class? 

Should we also decide a kind of «investment distancing", so that today's over-concentration of the tourism economy in 5 Regions is better distributed in all 13 Regions, if we really want "a well balanced regional development"? 

Is it time to create a "serious and comprehensive" indicator for measuring the performance of Greek tourism, at  economic, social and environmental level?

Finally, should we be more productive in terms of tourism policy?  


George Drakopoulos