Ginis Yiannis

Yiannis Ginis has more than 35 years experience in the hospitality industry, 28 of which as General Manager at large scale hotel businesses.

Yiannis has worked in Grecotel hotel chain (1984-1986), Corcyra Beach (1989-1993) and he was among the ones who developed the hotel chain LAUDA AIR-ITAS (1993-1996). From 1993 to 2015 he was General Manager at Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa.

Since 2004, Yiannis has also been involved in tourism investment consulting, providing his   services (opening phase, operations) to many hotels, among them: Corcyra Beach (4 star-1,100 beds), Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa (5 star-600 beds), Grand Mediterraneo Resort & Spa (5 star-600 beds), Ionian Blue, hotel Grand Forest Metsovo (5 star), the development of an integrated Tourism Development Area in a 1,030-acre land, Horizon Blue Resort & Spa in Kalamata, Avlona in Albania (5 star), Aeolos Beach (1,200 beds) and more.

He specializes in Hotel/Hospitality Economics and in Sales-Contracts with Tour Operators. His projects have produced significant results in profit margins and return on investment.

He has a degree in Tourism Hospitality from ASTER (Rhodes Higher School of Tourism Professions, Class of 1976). Born in 1955, married and father of 4 children.