“Greek summer is a state of mind”: the video, the branch, the tree and the forest

There has been a lot of talk in recent days whether the video "Greek summer is a state of mind" is good or not, whether it will reach its targets or not, whether the Ministry of Tourism and the Greek NTO were performing well or not, etc.

I am trying to comment briefly, starting with the fact that a video is not a campaign itself and that a campaign is much more than a video. Those who insist on naming a video as a campaign, they  probably do it out of ignorance, as I do believe that they are more likely to have good intentions.

So the TV spot is the branch of a tree. The tree is a specific campaign and the forest is the set of actions included in the communication strategy of Greek tourism. Instead of focusing on the overall communication strategy of Greek tourism in our public debate, many Greeks are “fighting” for the video. However, most of them do not have the necessary technical knowledge, they have no idea what it is included and how the campaign will be developed and even worst, they have no insights of our overall communication campaign.

We are in a transitional and very difficult period for tourism. We need a comprehensive communication strategy, which should be developed, not only for this transitional period, but also for the immediate future and in no case can be exhausted in a couple of videos.

Communication strategy, which will be based on the continuous flow and processing of data, in other words, on the reports of area managers and product managers of Greek tourism, along with the use of big data. All this, in a specific, timeless and non-accidently context of public-private partnership. Without this being "rocket science", it presupposes a different organisational approach in Greek tourism.

Thank God, life expectancy for many of us, allows us to hope (but definitely not to bet about it)!