Greek tourism figures 2022

Greek tourism at a glance - 2022 figures
international tourist arrivals (TF)*27.835.536
cruise passengers arrivals2.040.251
international tourism receipts**17.676,2 mi. €
average per capita tourism expenditure592€
market share based on international tourist arrivals3,03% World, 4,75% Europe
contribution to GDP****14,9%
contribution to employment****19,9%
total employment****781.600
hotel capacity10.087 units / 885.624 beds
concentration of supply79% of hotel beds are concentrated in 5 areas of Greece
top 4 markets based on int. tourism receipts (mi. €)Germany (3.255), U.K. (3.127),  France (1.277), USA (1.200)

*Tourists at Frontiers

**including cruise receipts

***Percentage of international tourist arrivals during July-August-September, compared to the total of the year

****2021 data

source: Tourism Generis, based on data provided by the Bank of Greece, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, the UNWTO and the WTTC