Post covid-19 times and predictions

Michalis Papyrakis


Tourism will be catching up. Gradually, slowly, a slow and fragile process (over a period of months) but nevertheless it will be bouncing back.

Reality and pragmatism is quite important these days. 

As far as Europe is concerned, summer 2020 will show signs of positive movement. Only signs, maybe 2/10 of the corresponding (last years) holiday flights will reach travel destinations and perhaps up to 20% of the 2019 night spent will be generated. After Nov 2020 we will see more positive signs towards some sort of market recovery which should lead to a poor (however structured and alive) 2021 summer season. The 2021 will be “a season” though, with advertising, measurable results, flights, ferries, hotels, day trips and cities that can be again behave and look very much alive. 2022 should enjoy 2019 results and perhaps better.

The idea that we should approach clients are “Business travelers” due to distancing is really awesome, few measures we now see are here to stay so let’s have this in mind too, we are not keeping distances, we serve people better over larger personal spaces as Drakopoulos mentioned, right ?

Our sector (activities and things to do) is the last on the recovery list, quite a paradox and unfortunately anticipated at the same time. Holiday Travelers travel for the experience and the experience will be the last bit of the tourism product which will recover. 

As a team, as a distribution channel, we at work as passionate as ever to increase our coverage, to provide the best there is for our Agents and travelers. More than 21 countries, thousands of instantly confirmed day trips and service support second to none.

Let’s keep strongly in mind that the mental need of travel and holidays is much stronger than any lock out result, furthermore the lock down effect will be adding on to the much anticipated travel experience.  Let’s all work hard for the next days to come.