Salepoula Danae

Her 22-year professional career in the communications field includes senior positions in prominent organizations such ALBA Graduate School of Management, SEV Federations of Greek Industries, Hellenic Ministry of Economy and Finance.

She had involvement in large-scale initiatives, such as SETE (Greek Tourism Confederation) Gastro-Tourism Project.

She often serves as professional conferences producer and holds affiliations with a series  of NGO-driven actions, in a variety of fields. Over the years she has developed extended ties with the corporate community, strong project management skills and a deep knowledge of the full chain of the fundraising process (design-management-communications-delivery).

More specifically, her areas of specialization and activity include: STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION & management of public profile (corporate/organizational/individual), RELATIONS & SYNERGIES development & NETWORKING, EVENTS design, communications, project management & fundraising (corporate, conferences, cultural, seminars-workshops, lectures, roundtables, debates, cultural, lifestyle), FUNDRAISING & SPONSORSHIPS (events, initiatives, NGOs, awards, publications), PR-COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES (press office services–media relations-websites development & promotional activity-business publications editing, translations, newsletters, direct mail campaigns), SPEAKERS-CELEBRITIES bureau services (business–educational-cultural-social events), CSR COMMUNICATION (actions-programs-initiatives-events)

Her main interests concern cultural travelling, gastronomy, wine-tasting, photography, music, cinema, scuba-diving, old prints and books.