"Welcome: Empowering Front Line personnel of Hospitality and Tourism Industry through 3D serious games"

We are pleased to inform you that Tourism Generis is a Partner Organisation of the international consortium from Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Belgium and Italy, for the implementation of the project "WELCOME-Empowering Front Line personnel of Hospitality and Tourism Industry through 3D serious games", of the Erasmus+ Programme-Action Type "KA220-VET: Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training". Project implementation time: 31.05.2022 – 30.05.2024.

The "WELCOME" project addresses the need for competent training for receptionists by developing and offering a modern online digital platform with training content in the form of 3D simulations (role-play scenarios based on a service design mapping approach). The high-fidelity 3D realistic simulations will offer advantages such as high user engagement, interactivity and feedback.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Develop an innovative online platform for the training of hotel receptionists on communication skills.
  • Create a number of simulation scenarios that will be role-played by the trainee inside the platform.
  • Develop an online synchronous 3D assessment tool that will be used in order for the trainees to interact with assessors as if they were customers and receive a certification.
  • Train tutors to use the platform in order to be able to translate and customize the scenarios to specific needs (different cultures, circumstances, etc). -train assessors to be able to organize and perform online assessments
  • Disseminate the results of the project through tourism associations, professional communities, VET networks, EPALE, etc.


  • Association for Innovation and Education (AFIE), Poland
  • M.M.C Management Center Ltd, Cyprus
  • European Network of Accessible Tourism (ENAT), Brussels
  • Theofanis Alexandridis & Sia EE (OMEGATECH), Greece
  • Cyprus Certification Company (CCC), Cyprus
  • Forma Camera-Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agriculture of Rome, Italy


You can find more information here.