Strongly believing in synergies, Tourism Generis has joined prestigious institutions, both on national and international level, in order to improve the range and quality of services to its customers.
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    Affiliate Member Programme - UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization)

    Tourism Generis proudly joined the Affiliate Member Programme

    of UNWTO according to the decision of the 21st General Assembly,

    which was held in Medellin, Colombia on 14.09.2015.

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    IVY Alliance Tourism Consulting (Ivy Alliance)

    Founded in 2001, is China's leading tourism research and consulting firm.

    IVY Alliance, besides producing tourism market research and undertaking tourism planning projects, participated in the drafting of Chinese government’s laws and regulations on tourism, providing policy advisory.

    IVY Alliance is represented by Tourism Generis in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey and Croatia. Both companies work together for the development of the Quality Service Certification Program in the above countries along with a set of promotional activities aiming to attract the Chinese outbound tourism.

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    EUROCERT is the biggest Greek Accreditation Body and among the first ones accredited by ESYD for the preparation of the Technical Report in accordance with the Ministerial Decree MD 219/2015 (Government Gazette 14/B/12.1.2015) and ultimately the issuance of  the Classification Certificate by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. Tourism Generis works with EUROCERT, which carries out the inspection procedure for the hotel classification (“stars”) and the classification of rented rooms/apartments in (“keys”), according to the new system. With an extensive network of regional offices and partners throughout Greece, EUROCERT supports the whole inspection procedure for the issuance of the Classification Certificate offering credibility, efficiency and value for money.

  • Chambers

    Tourism Generis is a member of the :

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    Athens Chamber of Tradesmen

    The Athens Chamber of Tradesmen (E.E.A.) is a Legal Entity under Public Law (L.E.P.L.) with Managing bodies elected every 4 years.

    Members of the Chamber are all tradesmen in the Athens region engaged in commercial activities or providing services.

    The Chamber is an advisory and consultative State body with main purpose to inform, protect and develop its tradesmen members (250,000) within the context of the overall development of commerce and the interests of the national economy.

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    British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

    Founded in 1945 the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC) is an independent, autonomous, non-profit organisation, funded solely by income from membership fees and profits arising from events and functions organised by the Chamber.

    The main purpose of the Chamber is to promote bilateral Greek-British trade and to provide business and investment services for its members. The BHCC represents members’ interests in both Greece and the UK.

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    Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation

    The Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation is a non-profit and non-commercial organization, recognized by the Greek State through a Decree of the President of the Republic. It is based in Athens, Greece.
    Its main targets are the strengthening, deepening and development of cooperation and communication among Greek and Chinese authorities and institutions as well as among Greek and Chinese private and state owned financial institutions and business companies.
    Among its 189 members may be distinguished select members of the Greek and Chinese entrepreneurial elite based in Greece, including bankers, officials of the Stock Exchange, industrialists, business CEOs and ship-owners, as well as academics and economic experts.

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    German Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industries

    The Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry promotes business contacts between Germany and Greece, is the official representative of the largest German Exhibition Agencies and acts as a consultant on legal, tax and financial matters.