chinese generis - market research

China is a huge and very diversified market. Different areas, different travellers, different needs. Targeting the right market segment needs serious research and it is really worth as even a niche market amounts many million people.

Tourism Generis with its partners in China, can analyse the demand for your services/products, study the competition, optimise your market mix and help you focus on it.


Indicative outline

1. Introduction

Brief reference to the development of the Chinese Outbound Tourism.

2. Evaluation of your company's services/products within the framework of the Chinese Outbound Tourism

  • Evaluation of your company's services/products by Chinese Outbound Tour Operators and Travels Agencies.
  • Competitive analysis of your company's services/products in the Chinese market.
  • Targeted customer groups (who are the potential clients?).
  • Tourist generating cities and regions to be focused.

3. Cooperation channels (who are your Partners, their performances etc)

  • OTA.
  • Traditional Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.
  • Other travel related websites.

4. China Market Development Startegy and Plan

Based on the analysis of the above, a detailed proposal for the penetration and promotion of your company's services/products will be presented.

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