gastronomy marketing

Gastronomy is among the products with the highest prospects for development in any given tourism portfolio. It is almost everywhere. It creates synergies among primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. No seasonality, all market segments. No heavy investment, just marketing action. It can be a daily small luxury. It can be a lifetime experience.

If you are taking decisions for a destination (on country, region, municipality level), please consider strongly to invest in gastronomy.

We can prepare and execute the marketing plan for gastronomy in your destination. More specifically, we can:

  • Organize the gastronomic product portfolio of your destination.
  • Develop the brand.
  • Train the professionals.
  • Produce the marketing plan.
  • Communicate the plan to targeted markets.
  • Organize your gastronomic festival in your target markets.

Pls, contact us here, to create the menu.