invest in Greek tourism

Cultural heritage, natural beauty and geographical variety form a competitive tourism product mix within 16,000 km of coastline and more than 5,000 islands and islets. All these are in close proximity with some of the worlds' most important generating markets for tourism.

Greek tourism confirms how resilient it is. Despite the numerous problems on a geopolitical level and the rise in inflation, 2023 set a new record with more than 33 million international arrivals.

In 2023, tourism generated more than 20% of GDP and employed almost 22% of the working population. According to WTTC and before the coronavirus crisis, these figures were expected to grow at a pace of 3,7% and 2,5% respectively until 2028. However, these growth rates should be reconsidered from 2021 onwards.

Beyond the impressive growth of the last decade and within the framework of the new tourism era, influenced by COVID-19, Greece has to go ahead with a lot of structural reforms in tourism. The current status, the regulatory framework and the business environment should be reconsidered and significantly adjusted to the new era. However, foreign investment should always be a priority for many infrastructure projects, if Greek tourism wants to match perfectly the needs of the travel and hospitality industry in the near future.

The Greek government understands tourism as a priority investment area, while the private sector is well organized and works closely with the Ministry of Tourism.

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