mobile positioning data (MPD) for tourism statistics

Data is crucial for decision-makers in the tourism sector, but collecting tourism data from large or remote parts of a country to produce statistical insights can be difficult and not very cost-effective. Mobile positioning data (MPD) from mobile network operators can be pseudonymised and analysed to generate tourism statistics on a national scale, as well as for geographical breakdowns by sub-regions, municipalities, and smaller locations, such as tourist attractions.

Positium, a high-tech company based in Tartu, Estonia, has been helping countries since 2003 to use MPD for the production of high-quality official statistics and insights on population mobility, and make informed decisions across multiple domains based on it, including tourism statistics, tourism management and event statistics.

MPD enables the production of anonymised statistics for inbound, domestic, and outbound tourism flows describing the places that tourists visit, the duration of their stay, and the distribution of overnight stays and same-day visits.

Positium has also worked on MPD projects for public transportation planning, traffic planning, and crisis management, just to mention other domains where MPD have been successfully used, as well as on mobile positioning data projects in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

It collaborates with many international organisations such as the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and many others.

Tourism Generis is Positium’s Exclusive Territory Partner for Greece.