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Over the last decade, Greek tourism has almost doubled its international arrivals, which has not been accompanied by a corresponding increase in terms of revenue. For that reason, among the priorities for the development of Greek tourism is the qualitative upgrade of its market mix. In other words, we need to target those market segments that can afford to spend more money during their holidays.

Nowadays, targeting specific market groups is mostly supported by technology. One of the leading technology companies in the field of travel and tourism is Amadeus, whose subsidiary travel audience specialises in the digital promotion of tourist destinations and tourist enterprises. Amadeus, through the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), monitors agency bookings of all air traffic passing through the GDS. At the same time, it monitors the existing and planned air connections between cities, as well as the capacity - number of seats - of each air connection. Through the Amadeus Masterpricer, the company is able to track searches performed by potential travelers who use Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), these days an incredibly powerful indication of demand. Powered by Amadeus' Big Data, travel audience creates the user's travel profile, tracks competing destinations and, working with leading specialized travel publishers and OTAs around the world, promotes destinations and enterprises to highly targeted audiences, through direct and programmatic advertising.

Tourism Generis is a travel audience’s Reseller for Greece and supports Regions, Municipalities and enterprises with their advertising plans through promotion, planning, targeting, timing and campaign evaluation.

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