Staff training should be considered as an investment by priority and it is in fact the most productive. Regardless of improvements to technology and the trend for automation of certain services, the human factor is the one that makes or can make the difference, especially where experiences are concerned. Above all, tourism is an activity that focuses on humans.

The difficulty in finding the appropriate staff and the “talent shortage” issue, both argue for and confirm the need for going training. The answer to the usual argument “why train them, as they maybe leave at some point?” is that: "consider what, if they stay with you without training?"

We provide training solutions:

  • from professional behavior to customer service excellence,
  • from sales and revenue increase to conflict management and complaint handling,
  • from communication and negotiation techniques to leadership and management skills,
  • from everything about wine to mastering and promoting your local cuisine.

We can even train your staff to welcome Chinese tourists!!!

Pls, contact us here, to discuss your training needs.