world travel monitor

With more than 500,000 interviews annually, the World Travel Monitor has been surveying the outbound travel volume and travel behavior in European, Asian, Arabian and American markets. A total of 63 countries which cover more than 90% of the global tourism demand!

In each market, important aspects are surveyed such as: outbound travel volume, travel destinations, purpose of trip, holiday types, holiday motives/activities, transportation and accommodation modes, booking channels and information/media behavior, trip duration and spending, travelers profile per target group, etc.

The World Travel Monitor surveys all trips with at least one overnight.

Due to an identical survey method and questionnaire, the data is fully comparable across all markets. All World Travel Monitor data is available as:

  • outbound data (outbound trips from a certain source-country)
  • inbound data (inbound trips to a specific destination-country).

The World Travel Monitor is conducted as a multi-client study by IPK International. Principal clients include ministries, tourism boards, tour operators, international hotel groups, advertising agencies, consulting firms and numerous other parties of the industry.

tourism generis is the exclusive sales representative of the World Tourism Monitor for Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Fyrom, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

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