Another good lesson from football with ref. to tourism metrics (Part 2-final)

All football fans remember the World Cup semi-final in 2014, where Brasil lost by Germany. Let's recall the match statistics from the official FIFA site: (Brasil is first) attacks 55-34, attempts 18-14, on target 13-12, deliveries in penalty area 19-11, ball possession 52-48, corners 7-5. Not bad for the Brasilians! However, the final score was 1-7...

This is a clear indication that some "descriptive" statistics do no reveal the full picture. It is more or less the same with tourism statistics. Some people use the "international tourists arrivals" to describe the "triumph" and the "new record levels". For some democratic and bureaucratic reasons, these people, they either do not have a deep knowledge of tourism economy and/or they simply love microphones and cameras.

The international tourism economy community has created and provided the right tools for tourism analysis and metrics. European Union has created the ETIS (European Tourism Indicator System) as a general tool to tourism metrics. OK, it a bit complicated and hard to implement on local basis, but on country basis at least it is a must. It is then up to the authorities on member states level, whether they will adopt and adapt it or stay happy with meaningless statements. Same applies for the private sector.
By the way, there is a very interesting development in football metrics called the "packing rate". Read more in


published : 31.07.2016

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