southbound, northbound

Tourism contributes to regional development even to the most industrialized northern and central countries of the European Union, while this dimension becomes of high importance for the southern ones. Tourism encourages and supports an intense economic activity between North – South and vice versa. 

Southbound are the tourism flows from north and central Europe. This demand  contributes a lot to  the balance of payments of  the southern countries, as tourism receipts are covering usually a significant part of their trade deficit.

In order to  satisfy tourism demand, the southern countries have to import a lot from the north:  so, northbound flows refer to the money needed to buy capital equipment and technical knowhow. To name a few:  equipment for general and special infrastructure (airports, shipping ports, highways, telecommunications), tourism coaches and cars for rentals. Also, machinery: kitchens, heating - cooling systems, audio and visual equipment, furniture, china silver glassware, electronic hardware and software and sometimes even  food supplies!

So, dear friends from the north/central Europe, it is nice you agree that "making EU funds available for tourism benefits not only  the south, but also the north & central Europe".  In the near future, please make sure you support more tourism friendly EU policy.